Domestic Automation

This company was started by developing, designing and manufacturing varieties of Water Level Controllers, Liquid Level Indicators and their related products.

Embedded product development

Embedded System based Embedded Product Development is the core of our business.  We do entire product development life-cycle, covering both hardware design and firmware development.

Health & Medical Device

PhilTeg have been at the forefront bringing quality medical technology to healthcare providers in India and emerging markets.



Our product range has water level controllers, liquid level indicators, Security systems, industrial embedded products design – develop – manufacturing, Health care diagnostic instruments and more…

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator with Alarm

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator are used in food and beverages, water / waste water management, chemicals, and other applications

Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with Ultrasonic Sensor

Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with Ultrasonic Sensor, is a fully programmable water level controller with programmable Dry run time, etc.,

Water Level Controller with LED Indication

Water level controller with LED indications is a fully automatic water level controller. Monitors overhead tank and sump.

Web based Wireless Water Level Controller

Web based Wireless Water Level Controller is a wireless GPRS based water level controller. Entire control (Voltage, Dry Run, Pump ON/OFF, Force start, etc., ) of the system is done through web browser. Either Ultrasonic sensor (monitor upto 3 meters depth) or cable float sensor (PVC - from 3 meters to 25 meters length) is available by option.

Low cost fully automatic water level controller

Low cost fully automatic water level controller by PhilTeg, is the lowest cost, most affordable, cost effective water level controller available in the market.

Semi automatic water level controller

Semi automatic water level controller, manually switch ON the pump, the device will switch OFF the pump when tank water level reaches full.



Finished Projects

Let The Numbers Speak

512Water Level Controllers
299Liquid Level Indicators
158Security Systems
32Embedded Product Development